How to Download Whatsapp in Laptop {PC Windows 7 Full Version}

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Whatsapp is a social media platform that is famous among everyone. This is nowadays considered as the most convenient manner of connecting with each other where one can make calls, video calls, group calls, send texts, and so on. It was found by Brian Action back in 2009 who was an employee of yahoo but currently, it is owned by Facebook. It is a free messenger to share images, share messages, live locations, calls, and for so many different things. This social media platform can be used in mobile phones as well as on the desktop too.

Whatsapp Download Mobile Android APK From Play Store/IOS Apple

This is a free messager that is also available for IOS and for Android. Today, when we are moving towards digitalization so it becomes very important to be available on social media for easy and better connectivity, and for that WhatsApp, is the most used social media platform which people use nowadays. The total number of user of WhatsApp worldwide are 1.6 billion and if we just talk about India then it is 200 million and we talk about sending messages then according to the media reports it is 65 billion in numbers every day which people share on this social media platform.

YO Whatsapp Play Store app Download and Install INC

Now if you are new to this social media platform then how you can use it. It is very simple to download both on the phone and on a desktop. Where on the phone you can simply go to the play store or Apple app store and download it and after filling basic details you can use it. Now the process remains the same for the desktop but most of the people find it difficult so here are the steps how you can download this Whatsapp social media site easily –

  • You need to have windows 8.1 or the newer version in your desktop to download this social media messenger or macOS 10.10 or newer for Apple users.
  • Now after this go to your computer’s browser and download the WhatsApp page which will a .exe or .dmg file.
  • After this is done open these .exe or .dmg file and follow the instruction given in the file to complete the installation.
  • After it gets installed you can simply put all your necessary details in this and can use it easily.

Whatsapp Download | Install Whatsapp GB/Login/Update

to enjoy its all the features one should and must have an internet connection in their mobile phones or on their desktop to connect with the world. This is a social media messenger which provides updation in its facilities every now and then to match up with the time and the needs of the time. Now in the lockdown period, most people are connecting through social media platforms only and WhatsApp is playing an important role in their connection with its facilities, which are making sure of social distancing with connection experience just like normal meetings with its video call feature. Now people can enjoy social distancing without feeling that they are away from each other. This social media messenger got merged with Facebook back in 2014 which made the experience and the connection even simpler.

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