{Know} How To Use Whatsapp Web 2024 @web.whatsapp.com


Whatsapp is the social network that everyone uses today as it is easy to use and connect us with so many people at the same time. Whatsapp is a well known social site in whole the world which has around 25 million-plus users who use WhatsApp daily. On this platform around 10000 people get registered every day. This social media application comes with updating every now and then according to the usage and according to the change in the era. Today WhatsApp has a normal calling, video calling, chatting, and many more options which keeps us up to date with everyone’s life and makes sure to connect us with so many people at the same time. Whatsapp can be the use of a phone or on desktop or laptop too.

How To Download Whatsapp Web for PC/Desktop

This is one solution to do a lot of talks to a lot of people at the same time. Whatsapp also has a WhatsApp web feature through which candidates can also operate it on the phone and on desktop both at the same time. WhatsApp web is well known for sending and receiving text or messages in the form of voice over, chat, or pictures easily on a desktop, PC, tablet, or laptop. This WhatsApp web is known as a browser-based PC that gets connected directly to the WhatsApp messenger and that why it can be accessible in both the devices at the same time.

Whatsapp download for pc windows 7/8/10 {32/64 BIT}

This will not be any other account but it will be the same WhatsApp account which can be used with a web browser and one can be simply accessible to it from a PC, Desktop, Tablet, or laptop. That’s why it is simply known as accessing the same account in two other devices method too. Whatsapp web also has the same features just like the normal phone application of WhatsApp messenger where you can send and receive messages instantly on the phone device same can be done on the WhatsApp web too. When one connects to Whatsapp web then it automatically synced all across the application and you will be able to see each and everything which has been sent and receive on both the devices.

That means any message you can see on your WhatsApp messenger application in your phone device can also be seen in the WhatsApp web website or browser in your laptop, desktop, pc, and tablet. This social media platform is also available for android and ios smartphones or tablets and in PC, Desktop too. A lot of people think who one can excess the same application the same WhatsApp in two devices at the same time. Using Whatsapp web is a very easy process as this website directly syncs all the things on this website.

Way To Use Whatsapp on Mobile with Web via Laptop/Computer/Windows

To use WhatsApp web candidate needs to follow some simple steps which are-

  1. Firstly the candidate needs to make sure that their mobile WhatsApp messenger application is working fine as they need to connect this only to the WhatsApp web website.
  2. After making sure this candidate needs to open the WhatsApp on the mobile device.
  3. After this candidate needs to click on the browser where they need to go on the WhatsApp web site or they can download it and can use WhatsApp Web/Desktop/Android/iPhone.
  4. Now candidate needs to type web.whatsapp.com on their web browser to reach to this website.
  5. Now candidate needs to scan the on-screen QR Code through their mobile application which is available there as a scan code option.
  6. As candidates make sure to scan the Whatsapp messenger they will be able to access it on their DEsktop, laptop, or tablet easily.
  7. Now they will be able to see all their messages on this new device with the help of this Whatsapp web website.
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