Why Should You Convert Image To PDF?

Everyone is engaged in some daily-based tasks where they have to capture pictures, keep them on mobile, or even share them with others. But when it comes to practicality, a lot of issues arise. These include larger size of pics, compatibility with devices, etc.

To avoid these issues, you need to convert pictures to portable document formats using some resources. Now it can be either a Windows software, an application, or an online image to pdf converter. 

However, we will code that the best way is to use a converter for such tasks. The tool can turn batch images into pdf at once which saves you a lot of time. Also, the newly generated pdf has a comparatively smaller size than individual photographs. This makes sharing and related tasks easier as well.

Let’s discuss more why you need to convert image to PDF (portable document format)!

Convert Image To PDF
Convert Image To PDF

Reason # 01 – Preserving Image Quality and Resolution

Most people prefer to convert their high-quality images to Jpeg files. It reduces the size no doubt, but it also reduces the quality of the original picture. And this is not a professional approach.

On the other hand, converting them to PDF retains the original high-definition resolution while in a compressed size. Pdf is also a universal file that can be opened on any device. When you share or keep a file in a smaller size, it will load or shared within seconds.

This practice is beneficial if you need to either print the images or share them over emails without compromising on originality.

Reason # 02 – Efficient File Compression and Storage

Nowadays, billions of people use social media platforms. And also, modern smartphones can let you capture high-definition images that have greater size. Now if you send them to others over social media, you will be asked to reduce the size.

This is where using an image to pdf converter seems a beneficial approach. Uploading your larger images on the tool can let you convert them to a single PDF file that is smaller and easily sharable file. After that, it becomes easy for you to transfer images to anyone over social media without sacrificing the resolution.

Reason # 03 – Multiple Page Support

This is the best advantage of using PDFs over ordinary images. And exactly, the same functioning is performed by the image to pdf converter. PDFs can contain hundreds or thousands of images at a time. And this feature allows anyone to share images at once instead of one by one.

Reason  # 04 – Adding Security Layers to Image Documents

According to research, about 80% of global businesses face severe threats of security. Hackers can easily breach their sensitive information and it can be a leading cause of threat for most businesses.

But how about introducing an extra layer of security on your docs? Yes, this feature is enabled in portable document format. You can easily lock your files containing delicate images about business. No one can access your data, but those can whom you share passwords.

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Reason # 05 – Create a Beautiful Photo Album

PDF retains the layout of the images in proper order. It not only keeps the professional look of the document but also makes your pictures look catchy and beautiful. 

Reason # 06 – Text Searchability

When you convert jpg to PDF in bulk, it becomes easy to search for a specific unit in seconds. This way, you do not have to search for images separately on the device. All you need to do is open a single file and instantly approach the image you want.

Relevant Questions:

What Is the Purpose of Converting to PDF?

As major benefits of converting images to PDF have been elaborated in the content above, still pdf helps you print those files easily that can not be modified.

Which Is the Best Image to PDF Converter Available Online?

Several options are in the queue related to the query, which includes:

  • ilovePDF
  • Adobe Acrobat
  • JpgtoPDF.live
  • Small PDF

What Is the Difference Between a PDF and an Image?

A PDF contains data in the form of images. On the other hand, images are files that have text inside them.

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