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Ramadan a holy month of the Islamic calendar is going which started on 25th April and will last up to 25th May. It is considered as this month depends on the Islamic calendar on the insight of the moon and that’s even why the date of the Eid and the dates of this month changes every year. This year Eid is on 25th May as this festival comes on the ending day of the Ramadan.

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Ramadan the holiest month of the Islamic calendar is well known in the world for beautiful gestures, for shopping, for namaz ( Muslim prayer), Roza( Muslim fast), and whatnot. This the considered as the holiest month in the Islamic calendar during which QURAN (the holy book of Muslims) revealed the Prophet, Muhammad. This month is considered the 9th month in the Islamic calendar where a lot of people do fasting to celebrate the entire month of Ramadan. This rating process is also known as the celebration of Ramadan, where people fast from day to evening without having a single drop of water, and then in the evening after namaz, they break their fast.

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Ramadan is the 9th month in the Islamic calendar and the date for this month changes every year because it depends on the sighting of the moon. This month is also known as the five pillars of Islamic culture which last for 29 to 30 days. The starting and the ending are different every year for this month as the date for this holy month is decided by nature in which everything depends on the Shawwal moon. This year this holy month started on 25th April which will last till 25th May. But the festival of Eid-ul-Fitr will be celebrated on 25th May as this festival is celebrated at the end of the month of Ramadan.

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The date for the Eid-ul-Fitr is not confirmed as it depends on the sighting of the moon. Because of the dependency on the moon, the holidays and days shift slightly every year in the Islamic calendar as it also depends on the lunar calendar. That’s even why not like Gregorian calendar which is used worldwide the celebration of the Islamic calendar has been shifted around 11 days earlier this whole month. During this whole month Ramadan everyone fast to celebrate the happiness in which they call their fasting Roza.

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This Roza starts with Sahur and ends with Iftar. Suhur is the morning break of the eating time during Roza and after sunset, mealtime is known as Iftar which is an evening breaking time of Roza. Everyone have their meals in the same manner during this month after keeping the fasting for the whole day. This Roza also starts with prayers in which the whole day people do 5 prayers. They do their prayers to Fajr Azan and after the sun sets, then they have their meal and then the Roza ends for the day. The evening prayers during this month is also known as Maghrib Ajan.

Eid Postponed During Noval Coronavirus COVID 19 Pandemic Lockdown

Lockdown is going on this year worldwide and that’s why when a lot of gatherings happen this month everyone has been guided to maintain social distancing to maintain themselves from the outbreak of the coronavirus. Because of this virus, no public gatherings are happening all over the world and people are trying to connect with each other from social media by maintaining social distancing.

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