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Noval Coronavirus E Pass Online Apply

How To Apply for E Pass: The coronavirus outbreak made all things shut in whole the world and that’s why our nation India is also going into lockdown nationwide, we have already been through lockdowns, 1 and 2.0 of 40 days now from today onward Nationwide lockdown 3.0 has also been started. This lockdown extension has been made by the central government to fight against this pandemic situation where the chances of getting a coronavirus infection are a lot and that’s even why in this lockdown everyone has been asked to stay at home.

Narendra Modi Extended Coronavirus Date | Download E Pass Online

To make sure that everyone is staying at home and not moving in the streets or the office’s government and police are also working day and night so that we can come out of this situation. In this lockdown when everything is shut in that case in some special and urgent situations the movement outside the home has been allowed by the government. In these all, urgent and mandatory situations have been generated by all the state governments to make sure about the movement on the roads.

Coronavirus E Pass in India

Today from the start of the lockdown extended version 3.0 people have been given some relief in which they can make a movement outside but for that one should and must have an e-pass. These passes are to make transportation movement on the road for which they need to apply online and that’s even why these passes are called e-passes. These e-passes are provided by the government in three different categories which are-

1. Intra-district which simply means the movement within a district
2. Inter-district which simply means the movement outside a district
3. Inter-State which simply means outside the state

ePass for Travel During Lockdown 2024

These are three types of passes for which one can apply online on the state website  https://tnepass.tnega.org, which has been made by the government to ensure an easy and social way for convenience and safety during this pandemic. The best part of this website is that it can also be accessed through laptops and mobile phones as well. Now, these passes will be provided on some special or mandatory conditions which are-

1. These passes will be issued only for marriages
2.  These passes will be issued for funerals and medical emergencies.
3. These passes will be issued to self-employed skilled service providers like plumbers, electricians, carpenters, and others.
4. These passes will be issued for industries and companies, for the movement of their employees.

One who is coming from outside the state needs to inform them about their arrival to the government by a call which is a mandatory condition. On arrival, they should be informed of the 1070 number which has been provided by the state. After this, they will also have to confirm that they have not come into contact with any COVID-19 patient for the past 15 days and after this only they will be given entry inside the state on an emergency basis.

Emergency E Pass Download Apply Online Now

From today a lot of relaxations have been given by the state in green and orange regions of India which has been divided by the state based on corona positive cases in the past 21 days in that particular district. Through this few movements are been allowed in the orange and green areas where buses can run in green zones with 50% of their capacity, such as companies can also be operated with 33% of their important staff. 2 wheelers can move with 1+1 capacity in both green and orange zones and four-wheelers can also move with 1+2 capacity and many more relaxations.

Tamilnadu E Pass Application Form 2024 All-State in India

For the movement, organizations will need to upload their GST/RoC registration certificate/Udyog Aadhaar as proof that they need to go through the standard operating procedure as detailed along with any other orders issued by the government, and details of vehicles permitted for transporting employees. With all this, all passes will have a QR code. The State has also set up a State e-pass control room in every state such as in Tamil Nadu it is in Chennai and can be contacted on the toll-free number 1-800-425-1333, from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. on all days.

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