Coronavirus in India, News, MAP {Live Update} Cases, Symptoms

What is Coronavirus/COVID-19/Noval Corona in India

Coronavirus has come in World as a pandemic condition where everyone is fighting with it regularly by staying at home or being in hospital after getting the affected by this virus. This coronavirus is also known as COVID-19 which is a new type of virus that can happen to humans and animals both. This type of virus was not found before its outbreak in Wuhan, China back in December 2024. Since that time it is continuing showing its outbreak where it became a virus that can catch the body very easily just like by touching.

Noval Coronavirus COVID 19 Symptoms

This virus has very normal symptoms which are dry cough, cold, tiredness, throat infection, diarrhea. With this virus all over the world, a lot of people got infected and a lot of people have died. This virus has also made a situation for most of the country’s to shut down there everything and to go into lockdown to maintain social distancing. In India also we have followed first one day Janta Curfew on 21st March and later on central government announced lockdown nationwide for 21 days from 25th March and then later the extension of lockdown happens which was for 19 days more and now when the situation is still bad we are facing lockdown extended version of 3.0 which has been announced for 2 more weeks by the central government.

Coronavirus Lockdown Check WHO Report in India

This lockdown is to make sure of social distancing and everything in this has been shut by the government whereas after 40 days of complete lockdown government has given permissions to a lot of sectors to open in this lockdown extension by maintaining social distancing. Now if we talk about India then we are considered as a less affected nation from corona by the central government and by WHO too. To save everyone from this virus WHO has also given the same guidelines to everyone to maintain social distancing, washing hands very frequently, using clean things every time, using a mask, and a lot more.

Coronavirus Cases in India Check State wise

In India at present, we have a total of 46,433 confirmed cases in which 12,727 has been recovered by this and 1568 people have died through this virus. According to WHO, 80% of the people who get affected by this virus recover easily but every 6th person feels a problem in breathing, and thus the outbreak of this virus increases in their body which can lead to death also.

The total number of present cases in India according to states are-

  • Maharashtra- 1294 in which 548 people has died reportedly
  • Gujrat – 5428 in which 290 has died reportedly
  • Delhi – 4549 in which  64 has died reportedly
  • Tamil Nadu – 3023 in which  30 has died reportedly
  • Madhya Pradesh – 2942 in which 165 has died reportedly
  • Rajasthan – 2886 in which  71 has died reportedly
  • Uttar Pradesh – 2742 in which  45 have died reportedly
  • Andhra Pradesh – 1650 in which  36 have died reportedly
  • Punjab – 1102 in which  21 has died reportedly
  • Telangana – 1082 in which  29 have died reportedly
  • West Bengal – 963 in which  35 have died reportedly
  • Jammu and Kashmir – 701 in which  8  has died reportedly
  • Karnataka – 642 in which  26  has died reportedly
  • Bihar – 517 in which  4 has died reportedly
  • Kerala – 500 in which  4 has died reportedly
  • Haryana – 442 in which  5 has died reportedly
  • Odisha – 163 in which  1 has died reportedly
  • Jharkhand – 116 in which  3 has died reportedly
  • Chandigarh – 94 in which no death has been reported
  • Uttarakhand – 60  in which  1 has died reportedly
  • Chhattisgarh – 57 in which no death has been reported
  • Assam – 43 in which  1 has died reportedly
  • Ladakh – 41 and no death has been reported
  • Himachal Pradesh – 40 in which  1 have died reportedly
  • Andaman and Nicobar island – 33 and no deaths have been reported

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