How to Make Image to Text Conversions with OCR for Free?

No matter whether it’s school or official work, the situation takes place when you need to pull (extract) words from existing images. For instance, what if you need to fetch text data from scanned business cards? Then, you have to grab a pen to simply transcribe the text from the scanned document to physical paper. However, this is too much of a time-consuming process that involves time and effort and can even lead to errors.

Fortunately, the technology named OCR (Optical Character Recognition) automates the process of extracting text from images without any hassle. You can simply navigate to lets you convert images to text online with OCR support without sign-up. In this informative context, we shortlisted some great tools with OCR support that lets you make conversions on different platforms.

Image to Text Converters for Windows:

Converting photos into text files is pretty simple on your Windows PC. These are the two full-fledged OCR apps for Windows that can be used to copy text from images swiftly.


PDFelementis packed with a super-fast PDF editor that entertains you with advanced OCR technology. You can now accurately extract text data from the existing images with this OCR engine.

Follow these steps to convert image to text using PDFelement:

  • At first, you need to open the image file in the PDFelement
  • From the given menu, you ought to make a selection for Tools > OCR to process OCR scanning and recognition on the image
  • Now, you could easily start editing or copying the text that is recognized. In addition to that, you can navigate to the Convert feature for converting the image into an editable file like a text file


OneNote is a legitimate program created by Microsoft for the ease of managing notes. This program is available on all Windows-based operating systems and even one can fetch on a desktop app or a web-based service. However, the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) feature is only available in the OneNote desktop application.

Just these couple of steps lets you convert image to text with OneNote:

  • First, start adding the image to a notebook in OneNote
  • Very next, make right-click on the image and hit Copy Text from Image. If the notebook is loaded with multiple images, you ought to select Copy Text From All the Pages of the Printout, then the text within the image is copied to the clipboard
  • Finally, you ought to paste the text as your preference and edit the text (if required)

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Online Image-to-Text Converters:

If you want to convert image to text without any additional installation and sign-up process, then an online converter is the perfect pick for you. With these online conversion sources, you only require to add the image files and get the extracted text files swiftly.


Start using this online web-based image to text converter that converts up to 20 image files at once into different text file formats. The great part of this source is that it is 100% free and does not ask you to sign-up before and after text extraction. There you fetch innumerable OCR tools that take care of text recognition and scanning without any huge manual intervention.

In addition to that, you can extract text from the jpg, jpeg, png, and other formats and store it into editable and organized MS Excel files using a card scanner tool.


It is another online PDF file management solution that lets you make quick and reliable conversions. This source is loaded with a wide array of PDF image tools that functions to edit and convert files. You can also turn an image into text while maintaining the formatting of the text file using the HIPDF tool.

You simply need to upload your existing photo into this text extractor by HIPDF and let this tool provide you with the extracted text file. Remember that its image to text converter is only available for pro users.


If you’re looking for an online OCR service that does not involve huge manual intervention to convert image to text. Then OnlineOCR is the perfect option for you. For text extraction, simply head to OnlineOCR from your web browser, add a file, choose the OCR language and output format, and hit the Convert button. The extracted text data is displayed and can be easily downloaded in the desired format.

OnlineOCR lets you proceed with basic features for free. However, you can now make conversions for only up to 15 pages per hour as a guest user with this assistance. You have to sign up for an account and purchase a Pro plan to make conversions for large files.

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OCR Text Scanners for Mobile Devices:

Well, what if you need to extract text (information) from paper documents like receipts or posters? This is the situation where you have to stick with a scanner app that supports OCR and performs swift conversions.

You can easily convert an image to text on your phone by using a text scanner application. It is loaded with basic steps to make text extraction:

  • Start the scanning app and proceed with it for scanning the document from which you want to fetch the text
  • Use its given OCR feature for extracting text
  • Start editing and copying the extracted text or just save it as a Txt file

These are the two different OCR scanner applications thathelp you to convert image to text:

Scanner Pro (iOS):

Scanner Pro is a professional iOS application that functions by using the camera of an iPhone or iPad for scanning anything that you want and save your scans swiftly. It is also packed with the OCR feature through which you can readily transform scans into text.

Text Scanner (Android):

It is another simple Android application that is considered to transform your phone into a text scanner. This scanner works to scan anything with printed or handwritten characters and quickly extract them as editable text.

Thankfully, you explored different ways that reveal how easily you can now convert image to text format anywhere and anytime as your preference.

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